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Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated transport has been the focus specialty of LEKPAS since its establishment in 1994. Tens of thousands of completed refrigerated trips have built our unbeatable expertise within this service sphere, so feel confident in choosing us to transport your temperature-sensitive goods – we will handle your cargo professionally and competently with each delivery.

perfect temperature for every good

The equipment of our reefers includes modern and reliable built-in temperature-control and cooling systems. They keep the transported products perfectly conditioned throughout the complete transportation process. Refrigerated lorries keep high-demand products from deteriorating and losing their innate value. Being aware of how important it is to transport temperature-sensitive goods flawlessly, we regularly update the equipment of our reefers, and our team of technicians does routine vehicle inspections to ensure our systems are in state-of-the-art conditions.


Perishable cold-chain freight requires a precise temperature regulation due to being highly temperature-sensitive – they may become dangerous for health or the environment once affected by the wrong temperature setting. Our risk prevention includes a regular inspection of our fleet to ensure that we meet all the strictest European cold-chain transport standards for the safety of transported goods. With us, you can trust that your goods – either chilled, deeply frozen, or fresh – are in the hands of professionals.


Our fleet of over 220 semi-trucks enables us to provide flawless transportation of temperature-controlled goods throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Products requiring refrigerated transport include (but are not limited to):

  • Meat, poultry, subproducts, and processed food;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Beverages and liquids;
  • Fruit, vegetables, and berries;
  • Chocolate and sweets;
  • Milk, dairy products, and ice cream;
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical products;
  • Flowers and seeds;
  • Cosmetics and personal care products;
  • Art and art production materials.


LEKPAS is distinguished by experience, professionalism, and strict quality assurance. Whether your cargo requires refrigerated or tautliner transport, short or long distance, domestic or international freight – we offer secure and reliable transportation throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Our customers know that their valuable goods are safe and sound in our hands. We passionately work around the clock to find the optimal and complete logistical transport solutions tailored specifically to your company and cargo.


Let’s have an open discussion together about your needs and requirements regarding the transport of your perishable goods. Feel free to request for value-add services like storage, additional cargo insurance, or customs documentation – we are extremely flexible and have all the equipment and knowledge necessary to provide you with a simply perfect transport solution. You may reach us conveniently by filling out our contact form, calling us via phone, or simply writing an email.

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LEKPAS offers the best quality, safe and efficient refrigerated transport and logistics services across Europe and Scandinavia since 1994

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