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Tautliner transport has been the second focus specialty of LEKPAS since its establishment in 1994. Thousands of flawlessly completed tautliner trips and millions of cargo tons delivered safe and sound to their destinations have built a strong reputation among our customers. Therefore, with the “know-how” we’ve established throughout the decades of operation, you can feel confident in choosing us to transport your non-temperature-sensitive goods. Without a doubt, we will handle your cargo professionally and competently with each delivery. Because our curtainsiders optimally combine strength and lightness, we are provided with easier maintenance and better durability, while our customers enjoy higher vehicle efficiency and lower fuel costs. Robust and functional, they will certainly satisfy your non-perishable cargo transport needs.


Our entire team is there to help you organize an ideal transport for your goods in Full Truckload (FTL) or Less-than-Truckload (LTL) (a.k.a. partial or groupage) batches across Europe and Scandinavia. Depending on your cargo and its measurements, we will find your optimal tautliner transport solution. Our tautliner fleet consists of:

  • Standard curtainsider semi-trailers are suitable for all kinds of cargo. A high-quality modular body provides flawless functionality and low maintenance, significantly reducing the risks of technical breakdowns and unexpected trip stops. Certified with EN 12642 standard;
  • Mega trailers (Code XL) are most suitable when the goods do not fit in a regular trailer. Curtains on both sides are movable, allowing to load and unload from both sides for a more convenient loading process. These tautliner trailers are manufactured from high tensile steel, making the trailer strong yet its weight low, increasing both the performance and efficiency. Certified with EN 12642 standard.


We drive hundreds of kilometers daily to deliver your goods to their furthest destinations. Prioritizing safety, we take serious measures to ensure that the goods being transported, our vehicles, and our drivers are safe and risk-free. Our risk prevention includes complete individual training of our drivers and managers (such as ADR certification), a routinely technical inspection of our fleet, and modern protective equipment granting completely stable cargo placement and security (e.g., non-slip mats and belts). By choosing us as your transport service provider, you can trust that your goods – either packed on pallets or in big bags up to 24 tones – are in the hands of professionals.


Tautliner transportation has multiple benefits: maximized internal capacity, suitability for all European and Scandinavian transports, and a high residual value. It is an optimal type of transport for any non-temperature-sensitive good. Even if the load is high, the tautliner enables fewer trips, meaning shorter delivery times and smaller transportation costs. Additionally, our curtain-sided semi-trucks can be loaded and unloaded from each side, saving our customers a lot of time before, during, and after the actual transportation time. Products transported by tautliners include (but are not limited to):

  • Clothing;
  • Paper, paper labels, and other paper products;
  • Cardboard boxes, wood pallets, and other packing materials;
  • Napkins, pulp board, wood chips, and other office supplies;
  • Other general goods are packed on pallets or in big bags;
  • Chemicals and hazardous substances (ADR).

We provide our customers with easy access to our 24/7 real-time geolocation-based live tracking, so you will always know exactly where your goods are, from loading to delivery.


At LEKPAS, we focus on continuously upgrading our modern technical equipment to meet the ever-changing landscape of European transport security and sustainability standards, high flexibility to match the needs of our customers, and absolute reliability. We offer our tautliner transportation to all interested companies, independently of the size of your enterprise or the type of cargo. We will always find optimal individual solutions that will provide you with the best possible transport outcome in-line with your strategic vision.


If you are searching for a professional, international transportation company that will transport your valuable goods securely, quickly, and reliably – LEKPAS is the one! Allow us to support your company by saving one of the most valuable resources – time. You can call us via phone, write us an email, or reach us conveniently via our contact form.


LEKPAS provides efficient, timely, and secure FTL or LTL tautliner transportation across Europe and Scandinavia

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