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Announcement of Our New Logo & Brand Identity

Author - Egidija Galginaitė | 19.12.2022

LEKPAS, one of the biggest and oldest asset-based transportation companies in western Lithuania, a holder of branches in Germany and Poland, announced a change to its visual identity to reflect its significant business expansion and a shift toward connected logistics. The first brand refresh since 1994 includes a new logo and colors to better reflect the fast-growing corporate family, its strategic unity, competence, and a commitment to connected logistics. Connected logistics — the logistics of the next generation, where IoT, cloud, and data analytics are the key drivers for efficiency and transparency — has become the focus of LEKPAS after it started pursuing digital business transformation at the beginning of 2022.


“The sentiment distinguishing LEKPAS has endured over the years. To our customers and partners, we have always been trustworthy and dedicated, consistently demonstrating that we always stand by our words and provide the best services transparently and efficiently. With this visual rebranding, we want to highlight how united, devoted, and contemporary we are, and how simple we make the complex supply chain transport logistics for our customers using our experience and expertise developed throughout decades of operation. We provide 360° care of the transport chain, saving our customers time, money, and other essential resources. The expert-level competence and long-standing solid reputation uniquely positions us among the thousands of transport companies, and we want to represent this uniqueness visually to help our existing and potential customers identify with us more easily.” – Julius Lekšas, CEO of LEKPAS Group.


Initially, LEKPAS was established in 1994 to improve the conditions for the customers of European road transportation. The problems supply chain enterprises were facing when relying on carriers provided the founder Jurgis Lekšas a strategic vision of what a transport company should be like to genuinely count as trustworthy. Following this vision of complete reliability, transparency, and professionalism, he led the business for 24 years, building a solid reputation for LEKPAS among its clients, staff, partners, and other stakeholders. Jurgis handed over the role to his son Julius Lekšas in 2018, who successfully continued the business expansion and began guiding the business toward digital transformation.

Since the addition of the LEKPAS GmbH and LEKPAS SPZOO branches to the corporate family in 2020 and 2022, LEKPAS Group has caught a rapid pace of expansion across Europe, Scandinavia, and the Balkans. The expanded freight forwarding division enhanced the know-how, enabling LEKPAS Group to provide international intermodal freight expediting services, providing LEKPAS with transport logistics projects of substantially larger scope, and attracting even the most established global businesses.


“Over the last 27+ years, our company has grown and evolved, and we felt it was time for a change. We updated our logo to better reflect who we are today and to represent our exciting future. We chose a new logo and colors that reflect a more modern look and capture our vision of positioning LEKPAS Group as the most reliable and competent transport provider for supply chain businesses. The renewed brand identity upholds the founding values of Loyalty, Experience, Knowledge, Partnership, Accuracy, and Sustainability. Yet, this transition also strives to demonstrate LEKPAS Group as a strong and cohesive corporate family that prioritizes innovation, forward-thinking, experience and expertise, and a solid dedication to the future of logistics – the connected logistics.” – Julius Lekšas, CEO of LEKPAS Group

LEKPAS Group Rebranding Announcement New Logo and Brand Visual Identity to better reflect the business evolution and strategic transition toward connected logistics

The new logo and colors introduce a big step forward in the evolution of the brand and communicate the dedication to the Connected Logistics. The logo circle consists of two parts – the left side symbolizes the different complex parts of the transportation logistics, and the right side is where these intricate parts seemingly come together and connect into a single unified process. The full circle represents the 360° care provided by LEKPAS, shaped both as a wheel and a steering wheel – referring to the initial specialization of the company as a road freight provider.

New colors also represent the change in the company’s strategic vision:

  • Orange represents energy, excitement, creativity, change, growth, expansion, and vitality.

Statement: We’re passionate about logistics, working tirelessly around-the-clock to ensure the highest caliber transport, and we’re honestly excited to be able to apply our knowledge and experience to generate creative transport solutions that benefit both us and our customers. We’re lifelong learners, excited rather than scared by the change. We never fall behind and are the first ones to react and adapt.

  • White represents purity, sophistication, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Statement: For more than two decades we’ve been respected for transparency, sophistication, and trustworthiness – we solidly stand by our words and, focusing on trust-based collaborations, we never present “hidden” conditions for neither our customers nor our drivers. We pay careful attention to meet the strictest cargo transport safety standards – assuring that even the smallest details are taken care of, from truck hygiene through precise 24/7 temperature control in our reefers, right to the overall quality assurance via a variety of measures.

  • Black represents professionalism and seriousness, power, authority, and respectability.

Statement: We’re modern, respected by our customers and stakeholders, timeless and unbiased, calm and collected when faced with obstacles. We are serious about efficiency and handle our deliveries with utmost care and professionalism.

LEKPAS Group is the corporate family of transport companies dispersed across Europe – Germany, Lithuania, and Poland, with more branches to come in the upcoming years. LEKPAS Group manages its own truck fleet and the fleet of its subcontractors, transporting thousands of full and part loads of cargo every year. The company has grown from a single truck in 1994 to more than 300 trucks, all meeting Euro 5/6 standard, without exception equipped with the latest technologies that enable 24/7 live GPS tracking, precise temperature control, and non-disruptive fleet management. Currently, the company transports FTL & LTL cargo across Europe, Scandinavia, and the Balkans, additionally offering international intermodal freight forwarding and value-add logistics services. With a team of more than 300 skilled employees, LEKPAS Group is a leading transport company chosen by world-famous brands; while its focus on transparency, long-standing reputation and trust-based collaboration attracts the best of professional drivers.


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