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LEKPAS x Polish–Lithuanian Business Forum

Author - Egidija Galginaitė | 18.07.2022

What does it take to advance the Polish and Lithuanian businesses?

LEKPAS members participated in the Polish–Lithuanian Business Forum, hosted on July 2, 2022, in Białystok, Poland

There is no better tool for raising awareness among diverse communities than a constructive discussion. Jerry Greenfield, the founder of Ben & Jerry’s, once said that a “Business can be a source of progressive change”. Here at LEKPAS, where innovation, progress, and the overall improvement of the transport logistics industry is a consistent aim, we couldn’t agree more. On July 2, 2022, we put our approach to a practical use in an interregional event – the Polish-Lithuanian business forum in Białystok, Poland.

Collaboration of the Baltic region businesses is a strategic aim

Facilitating the collaboration between Poland and Lithuania is more than just a friendly gesture. Without a doubt, improved relations not only will financially benefit the both, but will also strengthen their voices at the larger scope of the global economy. Nonetheless, the ongoing war in Ukraine followed by multiple Russian threats to the Baltic states has demonstrated the significance of a strong geopolitical position and a unified outlook to the overall security of the three members.

Government officials met the private sector enterprises

More than a hundred invitees participated in this first-of-a-kind event. Government officials, public organizations, and members from the private sector businesses were provided with an opportunity to hear out different-angled insights and share their own struggles. Participants included representatives from the Lithuanian Embassy in Poland, the Consulate of Lithuania in Sejny, the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Białystok, the International Business Women Network, as well as 26 private businesses operating within the sectors of manufacturing, B2B services, commerce, logistics, and construction. Armed with ideas and insights, three LEKPAS GROUP members—Jevgenij Kravchenko (Regional Manager at LEKPAS UAB), Tomas Balkus (Head of Business Development at LEKPAS UAB/ LEKTRANSA UAB), and Leszek Kurowski (Branch Manager at LEKPAS SP. Z O.O.)—participated.

Improvement takes an open discussion

Together with over a hundred other participants, LEKPAS representatives discussed the most impactful socio-economic challenges currently surrounding the Baltic enterprises. Aspects like tightening economies, the war in Ukraine, and EU strategic goals were thoroughly reviewed. Univocally recognizing the importance of intra-Baltic collaboration, opportunities for the improvement of our regional and international business environment to facilitate inclusion and promote expansion were analyzed. Ways to strengthen the market competitiveness were ideated, as well as various plausible methods of fostering business relationships and building connected communities.

LEKPAS GROUP introduced to the Polish businesses

"We are currently at the very beginning of our entrance to the Polish market. Therefore, such events like the Polish-Lithuanian business forum are of significant value to us in terms of establishing beneficial business partnerships, opportunities, and prospects,"— said Tomas Balkus, the Head of Business Development.

After the event, participants spent time getting to know each other better. Many of them used the opportunity to introduce themselves and make new business contacts. Because LEKPAS recently opened its SP. Z O. O. branch, meeting the Polish representatives was a perfect opportunity. “We are currently at the very beginning of our entrance to the Polish market. Therefore, such events like the Polish-Lithuanian business forum are of significant value to us in terms of establishing beneficial business partnerships, opportunities, and prospects,”— said Tomas Balkus, the Head of Business Development. “We set a positive initial impression of our recently opened Polish operational office and made new business contacts. It is extremely meaningful for the success of LEKPAS’ establishment and development in Poland. In overall, the event was fascinating.”— T. Balkus concludes.


In brief, the advancement of business partnerships between Lithuania and Poland is a goal benefitting both-sides socially, economically, and geopolitically. Inclusivity, collaboration, and the unity of the two communities goes hand-in-hand with the strategic aims of the European Union related to the promotion of connected, strong, and financially stable member communities.

Hoping to return to the event next year with new ideas and insights, our team members came back much more aware, inspired, and prepared to meet the exciting future of LEKPAS GROUP.

If you have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help or hear out your opinion.

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